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Mergers and Acquisitions

Our firm participates actively in the advising and implementation of transactional strategies within the following fields:

__ Contracts or agreements
__ Co-investments (Joint Ventures)
__ Legal audits (Due Diligence)
__ Investment strategies and strategic planning of acquisition,

     merger, split
__ Loans, credits and other financial operations
__ Corporate, real estate and financial audits
__ Credits, syndicated loans and local and international financing
__ Financial entities
__ Advice to private equity funds in investments and financing in

__ Projects of infrastructure and financing of projects
__ Advice to national and foreign insurance companies

Our Team

__ Fernando Todd Dip
__ Mariana Todd Dip
__ Jorge García Díaz

__ Silvia Alanís Gutiérrez

__ Ana Lilia Solano

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Mergers and acquisitions in Mexico register 112 transactions till May 2019

In terms of the ranking of legal advisors, the leading legal firm (base don the amount of the transactions) is Todd & Asociados with US $ 1,005.90 million.

Leagold Mining’s $350 million acquisition of Los Filos from Goldcorp

In Mexico, Leagold Mining Corporation agreed to buy 100% of the shares of Desarrollos Mineros San Luis, SA de CV (DMSL), Exploradora de Yacimientos Los Filos, SA de CV and Minera Thesalia, SA de CV, owned by Goldcorp Inc. and operator of the Los Filos mine, one of the largest in Latin America.

Goldcorp Inc. and its subsidiaries were assisted by Todd y Asociados, SC (Mexico City) and by McCarthy Tétrault LLP (Vancouver and Toronto).


Minera First Majestic Silver Corp made a tender offer (OPA) for shares on the Mexican stock exchange for MXN 40.9 million pesos

The miner was advised by the Mexican firm Todd y Asociados, SC. This company became the first Canadian company to list on the Mexican Stock Exchange.


Teck Resources’s $50 million acquisition of Goldcorp’s interest in San Nicolás

In the operation, Goldcorp received advice from its team of internal attorneys and from Todd y Asociados, SC. The firm's participation included the steps before COFECE to obtain authorization to complete the transaction.


Orla Mining Ltd.’s $31.9 million acquisition of Camino Rojo

In the sale agreement, Goldcorp was assisted by Todd y Asociados, SC in Mexico and by Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP in Vancouver and Toronto. The operation required the authorization of the Mexican competition regulator, the Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE).


Marcas de Renombre’s $5,85 million acquisition of Efma Associados’ stake in Mdr Pharma

Todd. Advised Marcas de Renombre, SA de CV, in the structuring, negotiation and preparation of sales documentation.
Marcas de Renombre, SA de CV. It is one of the advertising companies that maintains the largest presence on TV and has managed to expand to 40 countries.


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