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Foreigns Investments

We provide advice to national and foreign individuals, national and foreign companies and national companies with foreign investment. In this area, we also offer the following services:


__ Incorporation of all types of companies and corporate groups

    (Holding Companies), opening of branches and subsidiary

    companies, representative offices and permanent establishments,

    including the processing of permits before the Ministry of Foreign

    Affairs for the incorporation of companies, changes of

    denomination or business name and transformations.

__ Preparation and negotiation of corporate bylaws and contracts

    between shareholders.

__ Corporate control and corporate books.

__ Preparation and updating of entries in the books of registers of

    registered shares or partners and variations of capital.

__ Certifications regarding the integration of social capital.

__ Issuance of provisional certificates, stock certificates, as well as

    their endorsement.

__ Processing before notaries and public brokers of the

    formalization or certification of operations and protocolization of


__ Registration before the National Registry of Foreign Investments

    and follow-up of compliance with obligations before said


__ Obtaining authorizations from the National Commission of

    Foreign Investments and before the Ministry of Economy.

__ Processing of registration in the Public Registry of Commerce of

    public deeds or policies that require it (constitution, reforms,

    granting of powers, changes of Council, etc.).

__ Investigations in the Public Registry of Property, as well as in the

    Public Registry of Commerce.

__ Apostille and legalization of public documents.

Our Team

__ Fernando Todd Dip
__ Mariana Todd Dip
__ Jorge García Díaz

__ Silvia Alanís Gutiérrez

__ Ana Lilia Solano

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Yogome closes a round of financing of USD 6.6 million

Yogome, a startup based in Mexico DF, closed a financing round of USD 6.6m, led by the Spanish Seaya Ventures, with USD 6m, and in which the Mexican VARIV Capital, and the American Endeavor Catalyst have also participated. Yogome is a company that operates in the technology sector, dedicated to the development of educational video games. The company will use the investment received to reach one million subscribers and expand its business to China, Korea and Japan.


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