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Corporate Governance and Shareholders' Relations

We constantly participate in the corporate governance of companies, national and foreign, that quote their shares in a stock market, as well as family businesses, private, financial institutions and / or credit assistants. The main services are:

  •  Secretarial services of the Board of Directors and for proprietary and alternate members

  •  Preparation and negotiation of all kinds of controls

  •  Management and negotiations with the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), the National Insurance and Bonding Commission (CNSF) and the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), among others.

We also have extensive experience in defense or offensive within conflicts between shareholders and / or family members and / or individuals such as:

  •  Implementation of strategies to acquire control of companies or groups of companies

  •  Implementation of strategies to limit the control of a particular shareholder or group of shareholders or partners

  •  Modifications of shareholdings

  •  Representation and control in real assemblies of shareholders of conflict, and handling of conflict situations in them

  •  Representation and control in real sessions of the Conflict Management Board

Our Team

__ Fernando Todd Dip
__ Mariana Todd Dip
__ Jorge García Díaz

__ Silvia Alanís Gutiérrez

__ Ana Lilia Solano

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