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Banking, Financial Services and Capital Markets

We continuously represent and advise our clients in all operations provided for by the Securities Market Law, for investment promotion companies, stock investment promoters and stock exchange companies, as well as for the states and municipalities of the Mexican Republic, foreign companies. , investment funds and financial institutions, or for those that intend to register for the first time or obtain a direct benefit from operations that are provided for in the Securities Market Law. Among the activities we offer are:

__ Placement and offers of public and private securities in the

     Stock Market (tender offers, IPO)
__ Registration in the National Securities Registry and in the System

     International Quotes
__ Issuance of common shares, bonds, debentures and paper

__ Portfolio securitization and structured loans
__ Real estate securitization


Likewise, we have extensive experience in bank financing and structured financing operations, we advise our clients on individual loans, syndicated loans and project loans. We represent national and international banking institutions, as well as other financial entities in the structuring and granting of credits and in the perfection of all types of guarantees on assets, as well as in their regulatory and regulatory aspects.

We have developed an important area of legal advice for financial restructuring and have also advised national and international banking institutions, as well as companies in the restructuring of important liabilities.

In terms of project financing, we advise financial institutions, state entities and companies in financing national and international infrastructure projects. Thanks to our experience in banking and stock markets, we carry out the financing structure through public and private debt for specific projects, including energy projects, water treatment, toxic waste, road and port infrastructure and other means of transportation.

Our Team

__ Fernando Todd Dip
__ Mariana Todd Dip
__ Jorge García Díaz

__ Silvia Alanís Gutiérrez

__ Ana Lilia Solano

Ancla 2


Yogome closes a round of financing of USD 6.6 million

Yogome, a startup based in Mexico DF, closed a financing round of USD 6.6m, led by the Spanish Seaya Ventures, with USD 6m, and in which the Mexican VARIV Capital, and the American Endeavor Catalyst have also participated. Yogome is a company that operates in the technology sector, dedicated to the development of educational video games. The company will use the investment received to reach one million subscribers and expand its business to China, Korea and Japan.


First Majestic Silver Corp.’s $2.1 million public offering

First Majestic Silver Corp. launched a public bid on $2.1 Million Shares on the mexican stock exchange market.

Todd y Asociados advised First Majestic Silver Corp. on the transaction with a team led by Fernando Todd and including Jorge García.


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